Stand up pouch

Stand up pouch refers to a flexible bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, stand up pouch stand without any support and whether it is opened or not. Stand up pouch is a relatively popular form of plastic packaging for pet food.

Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch

Benefits of stand up pouch:

1. Stand up pouch protect your products having traceability and security feature

2. Stand up pouch will make your products undergo an increased shelf life and better packaging appeal.

3. Supplements are protected from moisture and oxygen due to the barriers existing on stand up pouch.

4. Stand up pouch comes in various sizes and shapes ranging from flat to sealed and gusseted stand-up pouches.

5. Food grade production keep stand up pouch safer, the ample surface area can be used to display attractive logos and graphics.

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Advantages about our stand up pouch

1. Stand-up pouch can be tailored to fit your needs. We can virtually make a packaging of any shape and size to suit your product, brand, and other business needs.

2. Stand up pouch is made from food grade materials. Our stand up bags use food grade materials which are contaminant free and perfectly safe.

3. Customers can make a stand up pouch hang in a peg display or stand up on a store shelf.

4. Stand up pouch is reusable. Features such as zip locks and spouts make usage more convenient.

5. Rotogravure printing is a new printing technique. We can get very vivid and clear logos through this technique. Stand up pouch being relatively new, combines very well with rotogravure printing.

6. The gusseted bottom in stand up pouch expands when a product is put into it.

7. Stand up pouch is more environment friendly as it does not take many resources to produce these pouches.

  Stand up pouch can be custom sized and printed to serve the needs of brands in a wide range of markets. We offers you a wide range of stand up pouches to suit your style, besides, stand up pouch production process is very strict to make sure high quality. Stand up pouch is our company's main product. If you are interested in our products, please contact us without hesitate.

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